Room additions can be done to serve diverse purposes. To meet the demand of varying needs, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen offers a variety of room addition services. Our room addition services include bathroom additions, minor and major kitchen additions, family room additions, garage additions, two-story additions, as well as master suite additions. While we specifically offer these room addition services, we are capable of being as creative as you need for whatever project you may have in mind.


Remodel Works does room additions that are bigger, better, and bolder. We strive to be the choice room addition service provider that San Diegans rely on for quality projects that will improve their home. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen we don’t settle and neither should you. We only carry the highest quality materials, most innovative designers, and guarantee outstanding work no matter how large or small your room addition project. For a room addition that will truly improve your home, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the design-build firm you can trust.

Two-Story Addition

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Two-Story Addition

A two-story addition can create substantial added value to a home, but there are several factors to consider to see if a two-story addition is right for you. If after considering all the dynamics that go along with a two-story addition, you still think it’s the right direction for you, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the room addition expert you’ll want to work with.


While any room addition requires permit and limitation consideration, a two-story addition is much more complicated. Not only does a two-story addition change the internal structure of your home, it greatly affects the overall structure. In San Diego, like most cities, neighborhoods have regulations, structural themes, and continuity that is expected to be maintained. One of the main factors in deciding whether a two-story addition is the right move for you is how it fits into the neighborhood. It is important to think about how structurally similar it will be to other homes, if it is proportionately acceptable to the surrounding area, and how it looks on the street. Having a home that sticks out substantially from the others in your neighborhood can actually hurt you.


Another factor to consider is the codes and restrictions placed on your property. The codes and restrictions that apply to you are designated by your city and community and must be abided by at all times. It would be highly beneficial for you to work with a professional contractor who is well informed of your city’s codes and restrictions so that you can avoid any issues during construction or hurt the value of your home. Going forward with a two-story addition without taking the appropriate steps can significantly delay construction, leaving your house in complete chaos.


The worst case scenario would be that you have violated your city’s property building codes and restrictions, requiring you to not only pay a fine but to completely remove your addition wasting potentially well over $100,000. It isn’t uncommon for San Diego residents to live in a community that is zoned as a historic district, adding another level of complexity to home additions. Navigating these confusing codes and restrictions can be difficult without the guidance of an experienced contractor.


Choosing to work with Remodel Works Bath a Kitchen for your two-story addition can eliminate the risk of such scenarios. With over 30 years in the home improvement business as a licensed general contractor, we know what we are doing. As a family owned and operated design-build firm, we are dedicated to completing each project with the highest level of integrity. Unlike many other contractors, we won’t hit you with hidden fees or mislead you into building a two-story addition that you will have to tear down. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen we aren’t about making a quick buck, we’re about building lasting, quality projects that our San Diego neighbors can enjoy for years to come.


Once we have confirmed that your two-story addition is allowed and in your best interest, we can get to work on creating the second story you’ve been dreaming of. With Remodel Works on your side there is nothing to worry about. We have experienced technicians who take pride in their job and are excited to be building something that will make a significant difference in your family’s home. A two-story addition is a huge step in making your home a special place for your family. We want you to have everything you need creatively, functionally, and spatially. At Remodel Works we don’t set limits on our customers, we empower them to do two-story additions that are bigger, better, bolder.