Room additions can be done to serve diverse purposes. To meet the demand of varying needs, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen offers a variety of room addition services. Our room addition services include bathroom additions, minor and major kitchen additions, family room additions, garage additions, two-story additions, as well as master suite additions. While we specifically offer these room addition services, we are capable of being as creative as you need for whatever project you may have in mind.


Remodel Works does room additions that are bigger, better, and bolder. We strive to be the choice room addition service provider that San Diegans rely on for quality projects that will improve their home. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen we don’t settle and neither should you. We only carry the highest quality materials, most innovative designers, and guarantee outstanding work no matter how large or small your room addition project. For a room addition that will truly improve your home, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the design-build firm you can trust.

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Master Suite Addition

A master suite addition is the ultimate way to achieve luxury for you and your significant other within your home. A master suite addition means a place to call your own where everything is customized to your wants and needs to make you as comfortable as can be.


Master suite additions are perfect for empty nesters who are ready to make their home all about catering to their own needs. Master suites can be equally beneficial for those with a crowded home who need a space to themselves for relaxation and some “me time”. Whatever the reason may be for your desire for a master suite addition, it is important to always work with a professional from concept design to the finishing touches on your room addition.


Like other big home improvement projects, master suite additions can become quite cumbersome and complex due to the magnitude of the project. In addition to the sheer size of a master suite addition, there are the codes and restrictions of your community that must be kept in mind. Before beginning your master suite addition, it is of the utmost important that you are working with a trustworthy contractor who will serve your best interest when faced with your city’s building codes and restrictions. Working with a reputable contractor can not only save you tons of money but will make sure that your master suite addition is built to last.


Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is San Diego’s choice for master suite additions. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, over 30 years of experience, and our 5-Year Workmanship Warranty, we are the smart choice for your master suite addition. We understand the value of your hard earned dollars and the love you have for your home which is why we always tell it like it is to protect our customers.


In addition to our decades of experience, we have refined our building process to perfection and have everything in house that you could need for your master suite addition. Being a licensed general contractor allows us to ensure that every product that goes into our room additions is of the highest quality, the craftsmanship is perfectly executed, and that deadlines are consistently met.


Whether you’re looking to create a modern masterpiece that takes advantage of the latest in technology or a spa-like relaxation haven, a master suite addition can be completely personalized to meet your every want and need. From flooring choices to lighting fixtures to smart technology, there is no master suite we cannot create. If you can dream it, we can achieve it. We don’t limit ourselves at Remodel Works, we do master suite additions that bigger, better, bolder so that our customers can have a project that makes them fall in love with their home all over again.


For a master suite addition that is built smart, with you in mind, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the room addition specialist for the job. Investing in a master suite addition doesn’t have to be high stress process, we will provide you with an exciting experience that will result in an expertly crafted master suite that goes above and beyond your expectations.