Room additions can be done to serve diverse purposes. To meet the demand of varying needs, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen offers a variety of room addition services. Our room addition services include bathroom additions, minor and major kitchen additions, family room additions, garage additions, two-story additions, as well as master suite additions. While we specifically offer these room addition services, we are capable of being as creative as you need for whatever project you may have in mind.


Remodel Works does room additions that are bigger, better, and bolder. We strive to be the choice room addition service provider that San Diegans rely on for quality projects that will improve their home. At Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen we don’t settle and neither should you. We only carry the highest quality materials, most innovative designers, and guarantee outstanding work no matter how large or small your room addition project. For a room addition that will truly improve your home, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen is the design-build firm you can trust.

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Garage Addition

Garages in San Diego can be limiting, especially if you’re living in one of the many homes that are decades old. As your family grows, cars become bigger, and your memories begin to pile up, you may find yourself thinking it’s time to expand your garage.


A garage addition is a great way to add space for things that have no place inside the house, a hobby area, or even a home gym. Garage additions can be quite the investment, depending on sizing, permits, and overall design. The great thing about garage additions is that they are a high priority for many San Diegans due to the increasingly limited parking and often yield about a 60% return on investment.


When considering the potential for a garage addition in your home, it is important to work with an expert in order to ensure that you able to accommodate the additional space requirements. Unlike room additions within the inside of the home, a garage addition has limitations such as its relation to the architecture of the rest of the house, city permits, and sizing issues. By hiring an experienced general contractor that specializes in room additions, you can guarantee that all of these limitations will be thoroughly explored and planned around in order to build a sound project.


Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen has been building room additions for San Diego homes for over 30 years, making us experts in our field. Every garage addition is done by experienced technicians with years of training who are overseen by a dedicated project manager that will make sure your garage addition lives up to the highest of standards. Our project managers have vast experience in home improvement and specialize in the intricacies required to do a perfect garage addition. In order ensure your garage addition is nothing short of perfection, our tried and true process makes for expert precision every single time. Don’t risk being another cautionary tale, Remodel Works can guarantee that your garage addition will be bigger, better, bolder.


Our creative capabilities have no limit and neither should your vision for your garage addition. Whether it’s a state of the art home gym, workshop, or the ultimate organized storage area, we have you covered. We carry a wide variety of materials that can be mixed and matched to create a customized garage addition that goes above and beyond expectations. Don’t limit your creativity by going with a company with a small selection, our showroom has thousands of products from world renowned vendors that will take your garage addition to a whole new level. From custom shelving to personalized tiling, your garage addition can be customized from top to bottom in no time at all.


Our certified designers and technicians make a flawless team that will execute your ideas for your garage addition to perfection. Their dedication to each and every project we do, no matter how large or small, is always apparent in the impeccable delivery of the finished project. With the aid of quality products that are on the cutting edge of the latest home improvement innovation and continuous training, your project will be seamlessly constructed to withstand years of use.


Working with Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen for your garage addition isn’t a risk, with our 5-Year Workmanship Warranty it’s a guarantee that you will get outstanding quality. Take control of your own home and design a new space with us that is infinitely better than what stood in its place just weeks before. It’s time you stopped settling for a mediocre garage that hasn’t met its full potential. Think bigger, better, bolder with Remodel Works.