Tierrasanta Room Additions

Room Additions


Tierrasanta is a smaller area located adjacent to the wonderfully kept Mission Trails Regional park. Hiking and mountain biking are popular activities in this area due to the scenic hills and mountains that are so iconic to the southern California area. Visitors are drawn to the city’s relaxed residential feel. Although it lies along highway 15, Tierrasanta is a calm neighborhood that offers a desirable respite from the chaos of downtown San Diego. Tierrasanta room additions are in high demand because of the growth in residential neighborhoods in the area. Remodel Works room additions give inhabitants in Tierrasanta the opportunity to take control of the infrastructure of their homes, and improve the investments that they have made.


Remodel Works is well aware of what kind of commitment a room addition is for a homeowner. In Tierrasanta, the popularity of room additions has caused many residents to consider adding to their homes. Garages, family rooms, master suites, and second story additions are major supplements to a home, and it takes an investment of time, energy, and funds to complete the perfect job. Remodel Works is hoping to grow its influence in Tierrasanta by gaining the trust of the residents through their high quality service and brilliant reputation. It can be stressful and time-consuming to add to a home, but Remodel Works takes the burden from their clients’ shoulders and scrutinizes every detail of a project to keep the process moving smoothly.


As Southern California adapts to the population growth that has been gradually occurring for years, a strain is put on the room addition industry. Remodel Works is at the forefront of meeting customer needs, and has the experience of 30+ successful years to back up their work. Tierrasanta room additions are needed more and more as new houses go up next to old ones, and neighborhood expand. To maintain (and increase) property value, it is a wise investment in your home. Every type of room addition is backed by warranty and a successful team of technicians who are able to finish projects smoothly and without hassle for the homeowner. Remodel Works is proud to service Tierrasanta and the growth that is continuing to happen.


Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, master suites, and living rooms are all part of Remodel Works’ arsenal. There is no grey area with the company when it comes to dealing with clients, and a straightforward approach to design and sales is the only way that Remodel Works does business. From the beginning of the consulting, to the finished installation, the team at Remodel Works prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality. With affordable pricing options, and a 5-year warranty, Remodel Works has brought brilliant room additions to the Tierrasanta community for over thirty years.


Meeting every expectation of a customer is of the absolute importance to Remodel Works designers, but there are frequent times when clients look a designer for suggestions or innovation. When it comes to new ideas or creative solutions, Remodel Works is prepared. From new materials to color schemes and appliances, design consultants at Remodel Works are able to give professional consulting on the best way to design any room in a home. Often there are questions and concerns from clients and thus the Remodel Works staff must be flexible and understanding at all times. A room addition can turn a home into a welcoming and beautiful place if designed correctly, and Remodel Works knows how important every detail is, so there is no room for any grey areas.