Ocean Beach Room Additions

Ocean Beach Room Additions

Ocean Beach room additions are on the rise as the city expands and commerce booms in San Diego County. The city is located directly south of Mission Beach and Sea World, providing entertainment for residents and visitors. Ocean Beach is an area that is easily accessible form the coastal highway, and the center of San Diego County. Having both young and energetic neighborhoods and quiet communities, Ocean Beach offers residents the best of both worlds. Adding onto their homes is a common investment for many Ocean Beach homeowners, and Remodel Works is honored to have serviced this area for years.


Resources are scarce in the San Diego area. Water and natural materials are that are required in Ocean Beach home additions cannot be assumed to be infinite. Remodel Works knows that if business and the home additions industry continues to disregard the limit of precious materials (particularly water), we’ll all be in trouble. This is why Remodel Works has grown and adapted every part of their business model to preserve the environment in every project. Long-term savings in money and energy is where the focus has turned. From sustainable plumbing, to lighting, to sealing (which prevents water loss), Remodel Works is dedicated to saving from every angle. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal, not just in a beautiful home, but a sustainable one.


Remodel Works Room Additions is dedicated to keeping homes in the Ocean Beach area up-to-date and modern. Keeping your home congruent and stylish is ideal for any Californian homeowner. Nothing speaks more to you as a host than having each room in your home blend together. A gorgeous master bathroom wouldn’t make any sense if your living room looked like it was designed in the 80’s. For this reason Remodel Works chose to expand from simply bathrooms and kitchens, to include the rest of the home. There is no job to big, to complex, to impossible for the design consultants and the installation teams at Remodel Works.


Remodel Works has often used the phrase, “global inspiration, applied locally,” to summarize how new ideas are formed and put into action. The design team that works with Ocean Beach clients is continually searching for innovative ideas and inspiration for home additions. “New” is all to often associated with “overpriced”, but this isn’t the Remodel Works way. Remodel Works knows that a room addition is a big commitment. Time, effort, and funds are needed at every point in the process, and it takes patience and precision to perfectly satisfy a customer (what other goal is there?). Many companies will avoid expanding their designs because they consider it too risky, but the design team at Remodel Works knows that innovation is not a risk, but an investment. Without growth there can be no improvement, and Remodel Works is always looking for ways to grow.


Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, master suites, and living rooms are all part of Remodel Works’ arsenal. There is no grey area with the company when it comes to dealing with clients, and a straightforward approach to design and sales is the only way that Remodel Works does business. From the beginning of the consulting, to the finished installation, the team at Remodel Works prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality. With affordable pricing options, and a 5-year warranty, Remodel Works has brought brilliant room additions to the Ocean Beach community for over thirty years.