Carmel Mountain Room Additions

Carmel Mountain

Carmel Mountain Ranch, simply known as Carmel Mountain, hugs highway 56 and 15 in central San Diego County, making it the perfect city for residents looking to get a taste of the whole of Southern California. Carmel Mountain room additions by Remodel Works have the advantage of being located very close to the Remodel Works headquarters in Poway, and are very easy to access from the major highways. Although the hustle and bustle of the freeway traffic can be a bit overwhelming, Carmel Mountain residents are able to enjoy peace and quite within the tranquil hills that give the area its mountainous personality. Carmel Mountain is aloof from the madness of the downtown San Diego area, but is still within striking distance of making a day trip an easy excursion. If a trip south or too local towns is not something that sounds appeal at the moment however, Carmel Mountain offer a range of shopping, entertainment, and restaurant options that keep residents and tourists happy year round.


The growth and development of real estate in the San Diego area has led to massive increases in demand for remodeling work in homes all across the county. Carmel Mountain has been a hub for this growth, and Remodel Works is continually looking to help homeowners with room additions in this area. From garages, master suites, family rooms, and even second story additions, Remodel Works is helping the Carmel Mountain community expand and improve their homes with an easy and succinct home improvement.


Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, master suites, and living rooms are all part of Remodel Works’ arsenal. There is no grey area with the company when it comes to dealing with clients, and a straightforward approach to design and sales is the only way that Remodel Works does business. From the beginning of the consulting, to the finished installation, the team at Remodel Works prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality. With affordable pricing options, and a 5-year warranty, Remodel Works has brought brilliant room additions to the Carmel Mountain community for over thirty years.


Remodel Works Room Additions designers take inspiration locally and around the globe in order to apply new ideas to the projects they are continually working on. The gorgeous desert landscape of San Diego is a perfect source of creativity for the Remodel Works team to craft gorgeous room additions with earth tones, environmentally friendly materials, and water conserving appliances. Much like the variety and energy of Carmel Mountain, Remodel Works has a massive range of products and vendors that give clients countless options for their homes.


Sustainability and longevity are key points to the way Remodel Works room additions are designed and installed. A project needs to do more than look stunning, it needs to last, and it needs to be environmentally ethical. Remodel Works achieves both of these goals by using experienced installation teams, as well as high quality building materials that are patented and proved to be the best. The quality of materials and service that Carmel Mountain homes are given ensures that mold, water damage, dry rot, chipping, and breaking are a non-issue. Always remember that Remodel Works will never do anything halfway, there is no grey area.